About Me: Traditional Martial Arts Enthusiast, Filmmaker, Video Producer, Writer, Cigar Aficionado, Philosopher, Visual Anthropologist, Athlete.

I practice Shaolin Kung Fu, Capoeira, Iaido, Buddhism, Taoism. I also practice Patience, Balance, Applied Knowledge (Wisdom).

I am a student and a teacher.

About Blog: This blog will be about a lot of things. Mostly martial arts related. Sometimes not. My kung fu teacher once told me that a good disciple should have something other than martial arts to balance one’s character. This blog will have that balance.

Warrior monk statue outside the gates of the Shaolin Temple, China.


3 responses

22 02 2011
tamayo otsuki

dear my you=tube-up-lording-teacher at apple store in vegas hotel.

i think i just have finally up-lorded several videos of mine.
please let me know how you think about my up-lording skill .. is it black belt level yet?
but seriously
you are a gentle man and i really thank you for your pacience and knowledge. tamayo otsuki

7 08 2011

Shaolin Gung Fu

It’s not about fighting, it’s about balance.

It’s not about enlightenment, it’s about balance.

It’s not about balance…

10 10 2011

Love the shoes -i just came back from china and saw some of these shoes their I love the first 2 pairs – do you know if i can buy them in the us? also I practice Chen Tai Chi and love this art form very much.
Thanks for the info on the shoes.

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